Student Support Services

Person/Department to Approach for Advice or Assistant:
Pastoral Counselling

Pastoral Counselling is done by external professional counsellors to students who are having emotional problem.

Pastoral counselling includes:

* providing emotional support for students to help them cope with mental stress relating to a new environment or course demands.

* implementing programs to create a culture and climate of care, trust and friendliness that encourage student attendance and involvement.


Academic Counselling

Academic counselling with the teacher/ head of department if student score less than 30% for continuously 2 times in any subjects’ tests without any improvement.

Teacher/ head of department will work out remedial actions where possible and set target of at least 10% improvement. Teacher will monitor the student. If students can achieve 3 consecutive improvements that achieve target, they will be removed from academic counselling.

If students results remain unchanged or become worse, they will be advised to change level, go for pastoral counselling (PC) for any issues related to poor academic performance and seek external help (e.g. tuition).

Academic Consultation

Zesprion will conduct talks that guide our students in selecting their path of studies upon course completion. With the aim and purpose in mind, Zesprion carries out target setting exercises to lead students towards achieving their goals.

Application of AEIS

Assistant could be rendered to help students apply for the Admission exercise for international students (AEIS).

There will be a charge of S$100 for this registration. The items included in this fee are as follow:
* Pre-exam briefing
* Registration for AEIS exam
* Transport from Zesprion to and from exam venue
* Lunch box provided on exam day
* Upon receiving posting, result will be forwarded to guardian

For more information about AEIS and S-AEIS, please visit MOE website below.


ICA-Related Matter

Zesprion will assist our students in Student Pass application, renewal, and cancellation. Once, the application is approved by ICA, Zesprion will arrange for the students to go to ICA to complete formalities and to collect their student passes.

Medical Checkup Arrangement

Zesprion is able to assist and bring students for medical check-up, if required.

Guidance Talks

Zesprion will invite experienced speakers to conduct talks for our students. Some examples of the talks are Time & Stress Management, and Motivational Talks.

Other Student Support Services

In addition, Zesprion also conducts Orientation for students to help them understand Zesprion and Singapore better. There are also Activity Days which allow the students to bond with their classmates and teachers outside of their classrooms. Principal will have principal dialogue session with current and enrolled students. Lastly, the school will prepare fortnightly reports for students and parents which allow them to monitor their academic progress.


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