Policy Statements
  • The School shall have a fair and reasonable Late Payment Policy for any payments made.
  • The School adopts the Late Payment Policy as per Clause 1.4 of the Student Contract as set out by CPE.
  • The Late Payment Policy shall be clearly communicated to all its students via the website, student contract and student handbook.
  • The Late Payment Policy shall be clearly explained to all students and prospective students.
  • The School shall regularly review the Late Payment Policy to ensure that it remains fair to students.
Late Payment Policy

All course fees must be paid before or by the scheduled due dates which are reflected in Schedule B of the Student Contract The School considers payment made 5 days after the schedule due date(s) in Schedule B (as per the Student Contact) as late. A late payment fee of S$200.00 (reflected in Schedule C) may be imposed if payment is received 5 working days after the schedules due dates. Failure to comply may lead to withdrawal of student’s enrollment. The School reserves the rights to make amendments to the terms and conditions of the policy. All decisions of the School’s Management are final.