Policy Statements

a) The policy on transfer/withdrawal:

  • A student who requests for an internal course transfer within upGrad Institute must have their existing contract terminated. A new student contract will be signed based on the procedures for executing student contracts. The Refund Policy shall apply unless as otherwise agreed between the School and the Student.
  • All request must be made in writing. Verbal notice is not accepted.
  • The student must also fulfill all the admissions criteria of the new course and will be subjected to the School’s student selection and admission procedures.
  • Students under the age of 18 years old are to obtain parent’s / legal guardian’s consent in writing for course transfer / withdrawal request.
  • A student who withdraws from upGrad Institute to enroll with another school (i.e. discontinues all its courses with the school) shall be deemed to have withdrawn from upGrad Institute and the refund policy and procedures shall apply.
  • As the School does not allow deferment, all deferment will be treated as withdrawal.

b) Conditions for granting of Transfer and Withdrawal:

  • All outstanding fees must be settled prior to request for withdrawal and/or transfer.
  • Student to fill in Course Transfer / Withdrawal Request Form, including submission of any supporting documents and adhering to the process as stated in the Course Transfer and Withdrawal Procedures
  • Student must go through a counseling session (as and when required and deemed necessary by the School) by upGrad Institute’s appointed staff to establish the reasons for a transfer / withdrawal before the application can be processed.

c) Conditions for Refund

upGrad Institute’s Refund Policy shall apply for all qualified refunds. Students are to refer to the upGrad Institute’s Refund Policy and the Standard Student Contract for further details.

Refund Table:

d) Student Pass Status

For Course Transfer

For Student’s Pass holder, course transfer is subject to ICA’s approval of the new Student’s Pass. In the event that an application pertaining to transfer is rejected by ICA, the following scenario will happen:

a)     Student can choose to continue studying with the current course.

b)     Appeal to ICA.

c)     Withdraw from current course and Student’s Pass is to be cancelled within 7 days.

All transfers will be processed via ICA’s Solar+ System.

For Course Withdrawals

Student’s Pass holder is required to submit his / her and Student’s Pass to the School for transferring of Student’s Pass with ICA.

e) Timeframe for assessing and processing transfer / withdrawal cases

The entire transfer / withdrawal process, from date of application to notifying student of final outcome (including internal appeals), should not be more than 4 weeks. If the final outcome is not in favor of the applicant and applicant do not accept the results, respective staffs are to handle each situation according to upGrad Institute’s dispute resolution policy.

Click here to download the Student Course Transfer Procedures.
Transfer Chart

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